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For pets up to 12 lbs. only. Please contact Linda@FuFuFashions.com with questions

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 Atlanta Braves*

Fleece and Cotton
Wash in Cold Water/Dry Low Heat



* DISCLAIMER: Fu Fu Fashions is in no way authorized, associated with, or sponsored by the MLB or any individual team mentioned or implied or their copyrighted products. It is not our intention to hurt or dilute the Major League Baseball name, its products, or sales or to infringe upon registered trademarks. We use high quality fabrics. It is not our objective to fool anyone into believing these products are official MLB authorized products. These are just for fun to allow an economical alternative to the genuine MLB products. Authentic MLB products can only be bought from an authorized dealer or the MLB directly.



Select Your Team's Custom Color Shirt or Dress (Fleece not available in Dress)

Knit/Cotton and Athletic Mesh (All Styles)Fleece (Shirts and Girl Shirtonly)

Monogram Name:

Select team Logo below:

Total item cost:



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Fu Fu Fashions will design the perfect garment for your pampered pet. Faux Fur coats, Solid Color T-shirts, dog clothing, Jersey Shirts for dogs, pattern fabric T-shirts, Sweaters, and Dresses. We custom make our clothing to fit each particular dog. We do not prepare ahead certain sizes and have you guess at the right fit personalized for your pooch. Our dog apparel is designed for a pleasant and striking appearance while providing a practical usability that allows for everyday wear.
Our Dog Fashions are intended to enhance the appearance of your Dog, not make it look silly, clownish, and out of sorts. We offer a wide array of fabrics that are readily available. If you find a particular fabric or color that is not displayed on our Web Site please email special instructions and we will work with you to provide a special garment for your special baby. Our Dog Coats are hand made using various fabric that will allow that extra layer of warmth during the winter months. Our designs will enhance your pampered pet's appearance and show that you are a caring and proud owner. Yorkies are our specialty.

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